Christian Education

Sunday School

  This fall the children will be learning about Biblical Heroes and their virtues – courage, heart, strength, faith and honor. These are some of the virtues that the heroes of old possessed. In these Bible lessons our children will learn that by following their example, and putting our trust in God, we can live heroic lives too. In addition to the lessons, the children will be participating in science experiments, crafts, music and sharing treats that will reinforce the daily lesson. The children’s garden secured $173.00 in donations that will be given to the M.O.R.E center to assist the families affected by the neighborhood explosion in Marengo. Thank you to all who contributed.   

Confirmation Class

  The 1st group of youth who have been working their way through the book "Affirming Faith" will be confirmed on Sunday, October 29. This will be a special day for 6 young people as they renew their own baptismal vows. As a congregation you have watched them participate in worship services on the second Sunday of the month. They have worked at the food pantry in Hampshire, worked at the soup kettle in Elgin, packed bananas at the Northern Illinois Food Bank, they helped with a Halloween party the Florence Nursing Home, helped with the spring cleanup at the church, attended a Catholic Worship service, helped with the Pork Chop and Chicken Dinner and had classes twice a month with the Pastor and Dorothy Gurke. A new group of young people are beginning their time of study. Classes are held the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month while service projects and outside projects vary.  Please continue to pray for our young people as they take more active roles in our church family.   .


Women's Fellowship

  "Women's Fellowship meeting will be held October 11th at 1:00pm in fellowship hall. We will be making plans for next year so, come and join us! We would love some fresh ideas and would enjoy your company. It is October.... and we always have something brewing!"  

Bonnie Awe Kenney—President    

Feed My Starving Children

 On Saturday, October 14 we have the opportunity to go to Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1045 Belvidere Road, Belvidere and work with "Feed My Starving Children" from 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. 15 spaces are to be held for us. Would you consider giving 2 hours to help?   This project is for our confirmation students as well as anyone else from the church. Please sign up in the back of church or give me a call (847-987-6443). Immanuel Lutheran Church is also asking that each participant bring a non-perishable item for the local food bank. 

--Dorothy Gurke   

Food Pantry

M.O.R.E. expresses a heartfelt thank you to St. John’s United Church of Christ Sunday School for their generous donation of $173…it is especially special since it came from your garden that you planted and nurtured!  The congregation in whole supported us with a donation of over 80 pounds of clothes! The clients are having a good time choosing clothes for the winter. Once again, monetary gifts are always welcome as items at the Northern Illinois Food Bank are available at reduced prices. Items that are always welcomed include soap, shampoo, personal items, and meals in a can. Once again, thank you for your support. If you ever have any questions regarding M.O.R.E. please feel free to reach me at or 815-382-1815. 


Sandy Butenschoen 

Director at M.O.R.E., 829 Greenlee Street, Marengo.   


Barb would like to thank everyone for their support for this year’s involvement with the walk. She appreciates all those who are coming out to walk today, donated or cheering on walkers on from the side. She will be giving us her final outcome information next Sunday. 

Thank you Barb for taking this on and doing a great job!