From the Pastor's Pen

In our book study we are looking at joyfully experiencing God’s presence. Some of the topics include Joyful prayer and joy- fully telling our story, joyful hospitality, joyful humility and joyful giving, The theme of joy seems particularly appealing considering all the doom and gloom spread by negative, nattering, nabobs in our world and on the news. Finding joy can be a challenge, yet scripture tells us in Jesus words from John 15, talking about His love for us and how we are to remain in his love and love each other, “I have told you this that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete”. Jesus is telling us to be joy filled people, spreading His love with joy!  

Given the brutal ravages of winter I really look forward to spring with joy. Maybe it’s the farmer in me but seeing grass turn green and baby geese in the river always has given me joy. Soon the dormant resting soils will be stirred to life as seeds are planted and another season of the earth is coaxed into nurturing another new crop.   

We are blessed to be here in this place called Harmony, where love is shared and blessing multiplied, where families grow and the cycle of life continues. We accept this as our normal, yet know that challenges are a part of every life and family. The joy with which we share our lives can be contagious and bring healing and hope to those who are hurting and help us to care for the least, the last, the lost and lonely.  

The joy of Easter is only possible because of the heartache of Good Friday!  

In this season of spring as the joy of new life stirs our souls and satisfies our longings, let us be hopeful and joyful as we move through this Lenten experience into the joy of Easter morning. As the Easter people may we share the joy of knowing and serving Christ in this day and age, this time and place.  

May the blessings and love of Christ bring you joy, and may you share it. 


Blessings and love    

Pastor Dave