From the Pastor's Pen

Congratulations to all of our graduates! Whether it is pre-school, high school, mid-school, or college all are significant accomplishments and cause for celebration. It defines a transition, recognizing accomplishments and marking the beginning of a new chapter. It is important to celebrate these milestones or perhaps mile markers on the road of life. Congratulations to each of you and your families as you turn the page to begin a new chapter in your lives. 

As we turn the page on the calendar to June, we are cognizant of the crops waiting to be planted, and those planted that are struggling in cold wet soils. Please keep our farmers in our prayers as they face the challenges of weather, markets and politics, none of which are under their control. Give them patience to work safely and faith to sustain them in these troubled and challenging times. A hug or word of encouragement can literally be a lifesaver. 

We have also witnessed weather related devastation from the excessive rains which have caused extensive flooding and the multitude of tornadoes that have been spawned by these weather systems. Our disaster relief programs are overwhelmed and the need for aid in various forms continues to escalate. Clean-up and rebuilding will take an enormous amount of effort and money. I hope we will support those efforts both individually and as a church. 

With a few days of sunshine improving our attitude and opportunities for needed activities, both farming and mowing my yard, it is amazing how resilient we can be. As pale green plants soak up sunshine and renewed vigor, so we too are renewed in spirit and optimism. Perhaps that is the secret of endurance, that in the end, we trust God and God’s goodness for patience and providence. 

As we honored our veterans with solemn ceremonies, may we be reminded of the privileges we enjoy that were so sacrificially purchased. In the midst of our summer activities, let us never take our blessings for granted, but recognize our unique position in a world so torn asunder, and be grateful. 

Blessings and Love, 

                   Pastor Dave