From the Pastor's Pen

I continue to be amazed / perplexed / saddened by the outcry for blame in the current turmoil of our country. To quote the great bard “Pogo” “I have seen the enemy and he is us”.  

As the finger pointing continues it is apparent that there were and have been failures at many levels and organizations, from sheriff to FBI to warnings from students, there are probably some mental health issues as well as unmitigated grief in this Florida example. Yet the underlying problem confronting us as a  people still seems to evade our focus. The forces of evil are alive and well and being nurtured by our willingness to look for an easy answer, someone, something, to blame.


The vitriolic atmosphere that seems to pervade most of society today is a symptom of a deeper loss of decency, respect and recognition of all being created in God’s image. We seem to have lost our moral compass, or at least failed to recognize the direction our current headings may take us.


During Lent we pause to reflect on our lives, confess our sins and shortcomings and focus on building/re-building our relationship with our Creator and with each other. It is a time of introspection and honesty, admitting our faults, failures and foibles, and seeking repentance /renewal in this time of reflection.


As Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, so we must confront the temptations that confront us. We are tempted to take the easy way or to blame someone or something for the difficulties in our lives. We are tempted to waste time and resources on things and activities that keep us from doing the things we know we should be about. Often we corporately fall into excuses simply to escape facing the tough tasks that are opportunities in work clothes. 


Jesus did not succumb to the powers of evil, the attraction of wealth, fame, power and prestige that was presented by the tempter. Likewise, we must be strong and vigilant in purpose and prayer, unwill- ing to trade principles for profit or morality for magnificence. If we are to effect change, it must begin with us and the way we interact with each other, building up the body of Christ in this time and place. We must be people willing to take a stand, for the kingdom of God is at hand and it is up to us who believe there is a better way, to show what that better way looks like.


May we be focused on our mission to lead people to Christ and be willing to be the church of Jesus Christ in this time and place. Amen !


--Pastor Dave